Parent Council ~ Agenda

Our Parent Council meets once per month to discuss matters related to our students, staff and families in our school community.

Parents are welcome to attend our Parent Council meetings and are encouraged to visit this page for up to date information on the events, activities, school programs, and upcoming plans in our community.

On this page, you will find a list of Meeting Agendas and additional information discussed at our meetings.

School Council Minutes

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Executive Positions:

Co-Chairs Kimberly Calderbank &

Amanda Pascoe Treasurer Elizabeth Sytsma

Secretary Reva McCann Pic Reps Lara Besse Alves & Farzaneh Farahani

Attendance Link to Attendance sheet:

Regrets: None

Welcome and Opening Comments

Meeting Minutes (Kim Calderbank - Co-Chair)

Kim opened with a welcome to everyone and request approval of February minutes.

Action Items / Motions

Requested approval of February minutes, we will have the minutes approved in March due to low attendance of voting members

Principal’s Update (Laura DiMatteo)

Report cards will be issued March 1

Student Census starting March 7

A smaller scaled-down version of Kindness Month – classroom activities

Wednesday, Feb 24th is Pink Shirt Day

Launched mindful Mondays, to showcase famous Canadians this month focused on black history icons

Combined ProGrant initiative with Tom Thompson to bring in guest speakers are taking place this month on Thursday nights

Central’s speaker will focus on the safe use of technology

JK registration is still really low – not sure what the reason is, Kim C suggested a large vinyl sign on the fence may help to get the word out.

New COVID-19 restrictions are in effect, restrictions are the same that were in place in September.

No students are moving to virtual learning, however; we have 6 students returning to in-person learning.

Action Items / Motions


Events Update

Games night (April)

Trivia week using the Kahoot platform – week-long Kahoot contest focusing on different grades 1-6, Friday night will be a family-focused night

Questions would be school-related material and other social material

Scavenger Hunt (mid-May)

Ideas currently – bingo card or photos (signs of spring – primary/landmarks and parks for older grades)

Photo rules: must be within your house, ppl must be masked, etc.. align w COVID-19 rules

The prize could be a movie day, PJ day or extra recess – also could consider a voucher everyone would get with their entry (i.e: discount at local business…) to better include virtual students.

Cookbook (late spring)

Elizbeth spoke to a lawyer about sharing recipes and was given ok

Open to options for platforms – looked at YouTube channel or other media host rather than a printed doc. Canva may be an option.

FunFair meetings will begin in April

The ROCK is hosting Police presentations for online security Wednesday, Feb 24 (6-8) – if interested reach out to Kim.

Action Items / Motions


No formal adjournment of the meeting

Next meeting: March 23, 2021

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Call to Order 6:30 pm

Executive Positions:

Co-Chairs Kimberly Calderbank &

Amanda Pascoe Treasurer Elizabeth Sytsma

Secretary Reva McCann Pic Reps Lara Besse Alves & Farzaneh Farahani

Attendance Attendance

Regrets: Janelle Eade

Welcome and Opening Comments

Welcome (Kim Calderbank - Co-Chair)

Kim opened with a welcome to everyone and requested approval of November minutes.

Action Items / Motions

Requested approval of November minutes, motion to approve put forward by Harwant Garland and seconded by Elizabeth Sytsma. All in favour.

School Updates (Laura DiMatteo)

Advised the virtual learning is going well and the school has provided many families with the technology required for virtual learning.

Students had a virtual assembly and a few spirit days back in December that went well, it was great to connect students using technology and for everyone to have a positive virtual experience.

Advised Jan 22, 2021, was the deadline to submit intent to change learning delivery models, based on the numbers to date the school is not anticipating any major reorganizations.

Reminder Kindergarten registration is currently being accepted; the school would ideally like to have a final number by March to be able to plan staffing requirements. If any council members have friends or family with kindergarten ready kids please remind them to register.

There has been a big change in the senior administration at the board level, Terry Blackwell will end her position as superintendent at the end of January, and John Pennyfather will assume the role.

The school has also received some money for renovations and has started on plans for the first floor. Renovations will be fresh paint and new trim.

In addition to the first floor renovations the kindergarten renovation project is also underway, the sign has been removed and the fencing and other features will be completed once the weather permits.

Halton Food for Thought delivered several gift cards to the school to help families in need with groceries. Laura mentioned if any council members know of families that can use this support please advise them to reach out to Laura.

Students will be completing a census survey this year on the subject of anti-racism, grades 4-12 will complete the survey in class, Kindergarten to grade three surveys will be completed by parents on the student's behalf. The school has asked the council to assist with promoting the survey in hopes of receiving a high response rate which translates to effective data that will improve the school's programming and learning environments.

Laura has also completed and submitted the school's anti-bullying prevention and intervention plan. The plan is a targeted school and community approach. The school recognizes they play an important role in developing a safe and respectful learning environment, the safe school incident reports will assist in determining what facets of bullying the school needs to focus on.

One approach the school has been using currently is shifting the morning announcements to an online format. This shift has provided the ability to open the opportunity for more students to participate in the morning announcements and the shift assists in promoting appropriate behaviors.

The staff will also be promoting discussions with students about inclusions, gender, race, etc. Also, the school has been looking at engaging the community via assemblies and presentations.

The plan also includes a mindfulness and self-regulation program, collaborative problem-solving strategies, and class circles to promote peer discussion and regular communication with the families of students affected by bullying.

Staff Update (Nathalie Cotton)

Nathalie has spoken with other teaching partners and they are all working hard and trying their best to provide a positive virtual learning experience.

The online learning model has allowed teachers to do some different things with kids being at home and many teachers have experienced some great and beneficial moments with the kids in the virtual classrooms, specifically in science and art.

The teachers also want to thank parents for their continued patience and support.

Community & School

PIC Reps (Lara Beese Alves, Farzaneh Farahani)

PIC Rep meeting opened with information about the implementation of the Way Forward Plan, encompassing how schools will address diversity, focusing on discriminatory and core language protocol.

The discussion covered the parent’s involvement under legislation and the roles and responsibilities. For example, as a parent how do we teach children that racism is wrong.

PRO Grant

Each school has the opportunity to apply for a $500 grant to be used for parent education in virtual settings.

Laura has been in contact with Tom Thompson and advised Council they would like to partner with Central to share speakers, giving each school access to two different sessions. They have organized a mental health based session.

Central is looking into booking Paul Davis as a speaker on internet safety.

Spirit Wear

Laura advised this is still on hold due to COVID-19, the caveat is that everything must be done outside of school. Kim mentioned the virtual students at Virtual Elementary West have been able to order spirit wear and there is a supplier that is willing to deliver to homes and that she will send Laura the information. Laura was going to follow up with the Board as to whether physical schools are allowed to offer spirit wear.

Grade 6 Grad

Kim mentioned there are council funds allocated for this event.

Laura advised due to the current state the school cannot plan until April/May, and mentioned grad is a school-run event that the council does need to organize but the support from the council in terms of ideas and financials is appreciated.

Action Items / Motions

Request to use Pro Grant and council funds to cover cost towards securing Paul Davis or another speaker, the motion proposed by Elizabeth S, and seconded by Farzaneh. All in favour.

Co-Chair Update (Kim Calderbank)

School Events

Discussed the theme for this year is to build community and schools together. In the November meeting council came up with a few ideas and events that should be looked into further.

Amanda and Kim have come up with the draft schedule of events below and the council is looking for volunteers to lead or assist the different events. If any member feels like leading or assisting in an event please reach out to Kim via email. So far we have the following:

Month Event Lead Committee

February Virtual Cookbook Shannon N. Amanda, Elizabeth

March Games Night Lara Alves Samuel J.

May Scavenger Hunt Elizabeth S. Shannon N.

June Fun Fair Kim C. Far, Janelle, Melissa

Food For Life

Kim thanked Elizabeth, Amanda, and Melissa for volunteering and helping to take in the donations, the council received enough to fill a watermelon crate.

Action Items / Motions


Kim motioned for the meeting to be adjourned at 7:31 and the motion was seconded by Elizabeth.

Next meeting: February 23, 2021