Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten at Central Public School!

Some tips to help your child have a successful entry to Kindergarten.


Students are to arrive at school for 8:30 and the entry bell will ring at 8:40. Please ensure your child is in the fenced Kindergarten play area to enter the school independently with their class. It is easier to wave goodbye and enter the school with friends. If you arrive beyond this time you will need to enter the parking lot doors and sign your child in late at the office. It is recommended that you walk to school or park in the neighborhood as space in the school parking lot is extremely limited. Dismissal is at 2:55 for Kindergarten from the classroom doors.

Required Items

A backpack- large enough to hold their lunch bag, a water bottle and a library book. (NO wheels please)

A lunch bag

A refillable water bottle

Indoor shoes (to be left at school- no laces please)

An extra set of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear and socks) in a labelled ziplock bag.

With so many children who may or may not recognize their items, we highly recommend that you LABEL EVERYTHING :)

Eating At School

Healthy Snacks = Successful Learning

Cut up fruits, vegetables, cold meats, cheeses, hummus.

Yogurt drinks, tubes, cups

Crackers (a variety)

Dry cereals

Sandwiches, pizza, wraps (please cut)

Salads- lettuce, pasta, quinoa...

A thermos with warm food: pasta, rice, soup, grilled cheese, hot dog…

PLEASE limit snacks that contain added sugar. Cookies or candy should be sent minimally as a treat. The recommended drink is water. We have 2 nutrition breaks so please ensure your child has sufficient food for both breaks. Labeling items #1, #2 will help your child know what is for snack and what is for lunch. Ensure that your child’s lunch is NUT-FREE as some children have severe allergies.


Spend time this summer establishing independence with packing and unpacking a new backpack and lunch bag (with their lunch inside- maybe a picnic?)

Bring your child to the school grounds to play to establish familiarity with the school.

PLEASE rehearse independent washroom routines including having them use the washroom alone. Coaching from outside the bathroom door is the only support available at school so independence with toileting is a must. Rehearse getting dressed to go outside and undressed when coming inside.

Kindergarten - What to Bring.pdf
Toilet Learning Tips.pdf
Dressing for the Weather .pdf